Eduardo Carlos Gavito

April 27, 1942 – July 1, 2005

I remember the night when Bob Dronski and Kathleen Kreher rounded up the dancers of Forever Tango (including Carlos Gavito and Marcela Duran) and shuttled them out to the suburban studio where I hosted a party for my tango students.  The studio owner didn’t allow me to serve wine, but everyone enjoyed the night.

When Forever Tango was based in Chicago, Bob Dronski and Kathleen Kreher were studying with Gavito.  He encouraged them to host a milonga.  After an incredible amount of work, they opened Tango . . . nada mas.  Carlos Gavito and Christie Coty traveled to perform for their opening night.  The Chicago  tango community didn’t realize what they had until it closed. 

A group of milongueros had a reserved table on Thursday at Niño Bien.  They were referred to as “the judges” since everyone thought they were critiqing the dancers; actually they were admiring the women’s behinds.


2 Responses to “Eduardo Carlos Gavito”

  1. Tango en el Cielo Says:

    Hi Jan, Interesting memories. But are you sure about Enrique being his middle name? Carlos told me his real name was Eduardo Carlos Gavito. I’m not sure exactly when he started to be called Carlos rather than Eduardo, but I think he said it was because he worked closely with Eduardo Arquimbau in his early tango years (Eduardo being the senior of the two, Carlos switched to his middle name). But I could have misunderstood…
    Best regards, Jill

  2. jantango Says:


    I checked with Kathleen Kreher who confirmed that his name was Eduardo Carlos Gavito. Thanks for writing me about it. All these years I thought his name was Carlos Enrique.

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