Milonga 101: sit up straight

We communicate with our bodies, whether we are dancing or sitting.  Others read our body language unconsciously.  One of my mentors is Amanda Lucero, a milonguera who always sits attentively watching everyone in the room.  Her posture conveys the message — here I am, and I’m ready to dance. 

A prominent tango teacher arrived at the milonga and was given the table next to mine.  The table in front of mine was available, but she preferred the second row.  First she changed her shoes at the table instead of going to the ladies’ room.  She sat slouched in the chair with her arms crossed and her legs apart (she was wearing pants) like she was watching television at home.  She also placed both hands under her chin with elbows on the table conveying a sense of boredom.  That was probably the case, and her energy made her invisible.  I saw her dance only one tanda of Pugliese before she left.  No matter how well-known or how good a dancer, we must sit up straight with a positive attitude.



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