Junto a tu corazón (hoy como ayer)

This is one of my favorite tangos that I don’t hear enough in the milongas.  The music was composed by Enrique Francini and Hector Stamponi with lyrics by José María Contursi.  RCA-Victor recorded Carlos Di Sarli and his orchestra with the incredible voice of Alberto Podestá on June 23, 1942.  ¡Hoy como ayer te quiero!  — Today as yesterday I love you! 

6 Responses to “Junto a tu corazón (hoy como ayer)”

  1. Simba Says:

    The version with García/Rojas is also very nice:

  2. June Says:

    Delighted to find this song on your blog, Janis. I also love this tune – it’s been lodged indelibly in my head since my visit to Buenos Aires last year and I find myself humming the refrain time and again. I would love to get my hands on the piano score so I can play it. If you can help that would be marvellous. Thanks for part of the score – it’s a start.

  3. jantango Says:


    The complete piano score is in the post above. I have an extra copy for you the next time you’re in Buenos Aires. D.I.M.I. on Montevideo is a good source for tango scores.

    My wish was granted last night at Salon Canning. The deejay included Junto a tu corazon in the Di Sarli tanda!!!!

  4. June Says:

    Thanks so much, Janis. I love the Di Sarli version too.

  5. julian Says:

    Hola que lindo su sitio, le podria pedir el favor de fotografiar otra vez, esta hermosa partitura Junto a tu corazon.. le agradezco de antemano y saludos desde Puebla México

  6. jantango Says:

    Es una foto digital de una fotocopia y por eso no es claro. Tengo una copia para vos cuando estas en Buenos Aires.

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