Atorrante – part 8: A juggling act

I don’t know how atorrantes do it.  They juggle three women in their lives at the same time.  They certainly qualify as experts at something — lies.

First, there’s Mr. X.  Years ago I overheard my partner telling a friend how Mr. X had a wife at home and two dance partners.  I thought he was joking until I saw for myself.  Mr. X told his wife that he was going to work even though he was retired.  He was going to visit woman #1.  After spending the morning with her, he went to see woman #2 in the afternoon.  He juggled three women in his late 70s!  He kept these women in line on the dance floor as well.  He used to dance with woman #1 at a downtown milonga.  When he taught a class or danced an exhibition, he was with woman #2.  Several years ago his wife died.  He had a juggling act to play with the two women who knew about one another and  who competed to be the woman in his life.  

Mr. Y wasn’t satisfied having only his wife of 35 years.  He went to see woman #1 every weekday afternoon for lunch and conversation.  They continued for years with this arrangement, although she knew about his wife.  She took care of his clothes, bought the food and cooked the meals.  In return, she had his companionship, and he accompanied her to doctor appointments.  He told her that she was the love of his life, and she believed him. She didn’t know that woman #2 came into his life.  He told her that he was working on the weekend and couldn’t see her when actually he spent time with woman #2 who probably thought she was the only woman in his life.  She had the dance partner she wanted on the weekend.  She bought the clothes he wanted and even a car so they didn’t have to take taxis to the milongas.  He never had to worry about woman #1 seeing him at a milonga with woman #2, since she wouldn’t go out alone.  He knew that and was able to divide his life among three women who maintained him. 

Atorrantes have no time for work.  They’re too busy juggling the women in their lives who willingly provide everything they need.


2 Responses to “Atorrante – part 8: A juggling act”

  1. elizabeth brinton Says:

    Oh, we have those guys here too! They just aren’t as good at it.

  2. Lilly Says:

    I guess that kind of situations would not be possible without the women’s cooperation, conscious or subconscious… at least not in the long run.

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