Puro tango

We left the milonga on Sunday night at the same time.  As we arrived downstairs at the entrance, Graciela said to me, “the milongueros dance pure tango.  What a pleasure it is to dance with them.”  I agreed.  They don’t intellectualize it or analyze it.  What are we going to do when they’re all gone?  What will tango be without them?

On my walk home, I thought about all the milongueros who have given their pure tango to me.  I know that many of them didn’t attend school past the age of 12.  They learned a trade as an auto mechanic or shoemaker or upholsterer.  Many worked as bus or truck drivers, and today many drive taxis or remises.  They all made time for their passion: dancing in the milongas.

Alito is one example.  He has spent most of his life dancing tango.  He organized dances from the time he was 17 (1946).  When we dance together on Tuesdays at El Arranque, I share his pure tango. 

Listening to tango on the radio and learning to dance well was more important than anything to the milongueros.  We owe a debt of immense gratitude to the milongueros who are an example of pure tango.   It flows through them.  It beats in their hearts.  It is felt in the embrace.


2 Responses to “Puro tango”

  1. Enrique Madris Says:

    El tango es un sentimiento que se baila. Para ello, nace desde dentro de cada uno, independientemente del nivel de educación. Por ello, hay muchas
    mujeres y hombres con nivel terciario de educación y otros solo primario ¿es importante para bailar tango?No, que se sienta y se pueda transmitir.
    No hace mucho, me comentaron “ahora bailas con una jueza”, no lo sabía, no importaba, van a la milonga, mujeres y hombres profesionales, amas de casa, jubilados, desocupados…
    Lo importante, que sientan y sepan bailar

    The tango is a feeling that is danced. It’s born inside each one of us, independently of level of education. For that reason, there are many men and women with a third level of education and others with only a primary school education. Is that important in order to dance tango? No, what one feels and can transmit. Not long ago, someone commented “now you are dancing with a judge.” I didn’t know it, it didn’t matter. They are going to the milonga, professional men and women, housewives, retired, and unemployed. What’s important is they feel and know how to dance.

  2. jantango Says:

    Thanks, Enrique, for your comment. We don’t know what most dancers do in daily life, and how they feel tango is the only thing that matters in the milonga.

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