Club Oeste

The tango magazine ad for La Yumba de Dorita says the milonga runs from 6:00-1:00, so I arrived at 7:00.  A tango class for beginners was in progress on the main floor; the milonga is held upstairs.  Club Oeste is a neighborhood sports club in Caballito.

I was warmly welcomed by Dorita.  I asked her permission to take photos and film during the milonga.  A woman whom I never met before approached my table to express her sadness about the passing of Roberto Angel Pujol.  Needless to say, I was surprised.  She had no idea that Roberto and I danced and taught together.  It was comforting to know that others miss him as much as I do.  Roberto went everywhere to dance during more than fifty years in the milongas.

I went to Club Oeste for the first time after a milonguera told me she dances there on Sunday, but I forgot to ask her what time to go.  Lala finally arrived at 9:30 and invited me to sit at her table.  We were joined much later by José María and Daniel, two milonguero friends of Lala.  The music was very good, and the floor was never crowded.  I expected La Cumparsita at 1:00, but the dancing continued until 2:00. 


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