Alito is doing fine.  Now that Buenos Aires has nicer weather, I like to take him for a walk along Rivadavia so he can leave the confines of the room at the Geriatric center he shares with two other men.  He used to walk around the city all the time, to and from the milongas.

The other day we stopped at a cafe to have a drink.  Alito starts telling about the “passwords” that were used to enter the milongas years ago.  It was the way men entered a milonga without paying the entrada.  Alito figured out it was a nice little business, and sold the “contraseña” to make money every night.  It was given out at the door to those who left the milonga, but expected to return later; that way, they didn’t have to pay the entrada twice.  Alito began reciting some the lyrics for the tango, “Bailarin de contraseña” recorded in 1945 by Angel D’Agostino with Angel Vargas.  They describe a day in the life of a milonguero.

The next day I encountered Hugo on the street.  We stopped to talk about where we are going to dance these days.  He mentioned one milonga where he doesn’t pay the entrada because he has the contraseña.  He told me what it is, and I just might use it later this month.

P.S.  The story continues.  On Saturday night I went to a club de barrio where I met the organizer of other milongas.  She invited me to come to her new milonga the next day and gave me the contraseña so I didn’t have to pay the entrada.  It was the first time I entered a milonga with a password instead of paying.



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