How do you hug your partner? — part 2

Here are four more examples of how women embrace their partners.

The Neck Brace

This looks normal enough, but when the neck brace is done with weight, it feels like the woman is hanging on the man.  When the woman’s arm is positioned slightly lower on his back, the man is relieved of the unnecessary weight of a woman’s arm.  Most men will not say anything about using his shoulder as an arm rest.  You will get the hint when an invitation for another tanda is not forthcoming.

The Strangle Hold

This one is similar to the Neck Brace, although the woman’s hand is wrapped around his neck and seems to be resting on his shoulder.  It is confining for the man.  Many have experienced something similar to it at home when the scent of perfume has been noticed on their shirt collars.

Pretty Fingers

This is a variety of a normal embrace with a feminine touch.  She has pretty hands and places the left one on his left shoulder in a very delicate way.  Her nails are manicured and her fingers are adorned with jewels.  Personally, a relaxed hand is natural.  The man doesn’t notice pretty fingers.

The Palm Press

She presses her palm into her partner’s back with tension so that her fingers are away from his body.  She doesn’t want to touch him.  This takes a lot of effort to maintain, and the entire arm is tense during the dance.  I cannot imagine how a woman can hold this awkward hand position for the duration of a dance or why she would want to.

Thanks to Bob and Viv Finch from Wales (a/k/a Los Galeses) for posing for this series of photos.

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3 Responses to “How do you hug your partner? — part 2”

  1. suerteloca Says:

    The fascinating thing about the very existence of all these crazy embraces is that it reveals that many women have a completely different motivation for dancing tango than those of us who believe it is a quest for a powerful connection with another human being in the presence of the hypnotic rhythms of the music and another person’s heartbeat. Most typically, they want to be stars much more than they want to surrender to any man in the pursuit of heaven. This manifests even more strongly in the popularity of nuevo everywhere and open-grip dancing in the northern climates, with women kicking their legs up all over the place if given the slightest opportunity.

  2. jantango Says:

    There are women who know that good style lasts while fads are gone tomorrow. Those who have a personal style set the standard while others copy the trends which don’t last long.

  3. Michael Says:

    I’m not sure the women want to be stars. They haven’t received good instruction or they copy women who haven’t received good instruction. There’s also the “fear” factor of being close to a stranger. Some women want a FBI background check first.

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