Carlos Alberto Anzuate

May 21, 1930 —

This was his first birthday after his wife’s passing, and Carlos said he did not want to celebrate it.  We joined him in Salon El Pial in Flores.  The organizers bought a cake and champagne for him.

When the music “Tango Negro” came on, Carlos had to dance.  The candombe rhythm makes anyone want to dance.  What fun it was dancing with Carlos.

Carlos has told me about the signed copy of Robert Farris Thompson’s book, Tango – The Art History of Love, given to him by the author for his participation.  Carlos uses the few English words he knows when we chat on the phone, but he isn’t able to read the section about himself in Thompson’s book (p. 146-147).  I have his copy to read.

Cacho, Carlos, Chiche & Raquel in Salon El Pial

 Here they are dancing in Glorias Argentinas.

One Response to “Carlos Alberto Anzuate”

  1. tangobob Says:

    What absolutely wonderful company they were, even though I could still see grief in Carlos’ eyes, he and Chiche had me smiling all evening. The cake was pretty good too. Feliz Cumple Carlitos.

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