Best DJ in Buenos Aires

This is Daniel Borelli — we call him Dany.  He turned 40 a few days ago.  I have learned what good tandas are for the milonga by dancing to his music for the past eleven years.  Dany is a music lover who observes what the dancers enjoy and gives it to them.  He knows all kinds of music and its history.  I always learn something from him during our chats at the bar or after the milonga.  He doesn’t dance, but knows what music dancers want.

Dany is a porteño from Parque de los Patricios.  He started working as a DJ at Club Gricel in 1995.  He also worked in Salon Dandi, Sin Rumbo, Club Español, and Club Banco Provincia.  He has been the resident DJ at Lo de Celia Tango Club for years and has trained two apprentices who have shared the DJ responsibilities with him. 

Dany was interviewed for the first issue of Diostango in June 2006.  He doesn’t play his preferences in music, but what the public wants to hear.  He observes the milongueros and programs the music for them since they are the most demanding.  Among those I have asked, there is complete agreement that Dany provides the best music of any deejay in Buenos Aires.  He told me yesterday that he stays with the best music from 1937-1944 with only a few exceptions.  He notes that women have a sensitivity for violins while the men prefer the strong sound of the bandoneon.  He considers everything when he selects the tandas according to the public in attendance and the energy in the room.  He doesn’t prepare a playlist in advance. 

Dany compiled video footage of the great orchestras of the 1940s, which is being shown on a large screen during the milonga Nuevo Chique in Casa de Galicia.  This is the only milonga providing it, thanks to Dany.

His milonga work schedule:

  • Monday – El Arranque in Nuevo Salon La Argentina
  • Tuesday – Nuevo Chique in Casa de Galicia
  • Wednesday – Lo de Celia Tango Club
  • Thursday – Nuevo Chique in Casa de Galicia

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3 Responses to “Best DJ in Buenos Aires”

  1. Enrique Madris Says:

    Adhiero a los elogiosos conceptos sobre Danny.
    Conoce mucho de música y uno se “obliga” bailando todo. Todas sus tandas son fabulosas para bailar.

    I adhere to the favorable concepts about Danny.
    He knows a lot about music and one is obligated to dance it all. All his tandas are fabulous for dancing.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Janis! I have to agree, Dany is the best! We alway have a good time at a milonga where Dany is the dj. Thank you for his current schedule. Hopefully we can use it soon! Take care,

  3. tangobob Says:

    Thanks for this article Janis, it illustrates my points and I will put a link to it in my article

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