A new home for Alito

Geriatrico Nazaret in AlmagroAlito moved recently from Hospital Israelita to a cozy geriatico in Almagro.  Only the universe could have found a room for him with an old friend.  Oscar Casas has managed Alito’s life for months and gets him out to the milongas several times a week. 

Alito shares a room on the fourth floor with Dante who worked as a waiter for Alito many years ago in one of his milongas.  They have known one another for 50 years. I found Alito in the TV room next to the elevator when I arrived for a visit.  He took me to his room to chat.  There is a southern exposure with a nice breeze in the afternoon.  His room has a closet and even a small refrigerator.  The rooms on the fourth floor are men’s quarters, so Alito always has company.  The dining hall is on the top floor with a nice view.   The staff is friendly and take care of 120 residents.   Juan Esquivel came by for a visit while I was there.  Alito seems content in his new home.

Juan, Alito y Dante

Juan, Alito and Dante


One Response to “A new home for Alito”

  1. Ana Maria Says:

    It´s the first time I enter your blog and I love it. I´m the Brazilian woman who invited Alito to dance and you had a chance to film us in Maipu 444. Oscar Casas told me today about the videos on Youtube.
    Alito is an old friend, and I invited him to dance since he is always very sweet to dance with. I hope he can continue dancing for many more years. It´s really a pleasure to dance with him.

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