Adios, pampa mia

Tango is the music of Buenos Aires.   It’s almost impossible to walk the streets of the city without hearing tango.  I’ve loved tango since I was a child growing up in Chicago. 

I recently attended a concert by Leopoldo Federico and his orchestra.  Federico recently won the Latin Grammy award for best tango album of 2009– Mi Fueye Querido (my beloved bandoneon).  Their concert program included one particular tango which struck a strong chord in me — Adios, pampa mia.   It almost brought me to tears while I listened to their performance that evening.

The tango is so familiar to me, although it is rarely played in the milongas.  It’s a tango I heard during my childhood in Chicago.  My parents had a collection of tango records, and this tango was one of my favorites.  I didn’t know at the time that the lyrics of this tango described a path I would take in my life–I said goodbye to my homeland for strange lands, never to return. 

You can follow the score while listening to this recording by Quinteto José Libertella on Todo Tango  and read the original lyrics with English translation.


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