Carlos Alberto Anzuate

Delsa Cerallo, Margarite Guille, Carlos Anzuate  (photo B.A. Tango)

Delsa Cerallo, Margarite Guille, Carlos Anzuate (photo B.A. Tango)

May 21, 1930 —

Carlos called to invite me to his birthday celebration this Saturday at Club Glorias Argentinas in Mataderos.  He still manages to go dancing on the weekend with his wife of more than twenty years, Eufemi Delsa Cerallo (aka “Porota”), even though she can no longer dance.*  They were Saturday night regulars at Club Bailable Juvenil, and their photo was prominently displayed on the wall.  He and Porota have known each other for more than 60 years.

Carlos grew up in the neighborhood of Almagro and learned to dance from an early age by observing others at family parties.  Boys had to graduate to wearing long pants before they could attend dances at 18.  Carlos went to the first Club Almagro located on Gascón between Sarmiento and Cangallo (now named Tte. Gral. Juan D. Peron), before the second Club Almagro on Medrano organized dances for which it became famous.  He also danced at Club Oeste, Club Atlanta, and Club Buenos Aires. 

I have danced only once with Carlos.  He invited me to dance jazz with him at Club Glorias Argentinas in March.  Maybe he’ll invite me again on Saturday. 

Contrary to what a famous website on milongueros says about Carlos, he is not the uncle of Facundo Posadas.  He told me so himself.

* Eufemi Delsa passed on December 12, 2009 in Sanatorio Argentina where she lived the last two months of her life after many years with Alzheimer’s.


3 Responses to “Carlos Alberto Anzuate”

  1. Irene Ho Says:

    Dear Janis,

    Carlos, Porota and their friend Chiche have always been friendly and warm towards us whenever we met them at Glorias Argentinas or El Pial. They are part of the generation who lived and breathed the age of Tango. Please wish Carlos a happy birthday for us!

    Irene and Man Yung

  2. jantango Says:

    Irene and Man Yung,

    Chiche was at Carlos’ table and asked me about you. She received the photos you sent her. Porota isn’t dancing anymore, as you know, but she is always singing the lyrics she knows and loves. I gave her a big smile, and she smiled back every time.

    Carlos invited friends to join him for his birthday. It was an honor to dance a big band swing number with him. I don’t remember what music we danced to, but I’ll never forget those few minutes with Carlos on the floor at Glorias Argentinas.


  3. tangobob Says:

    I was thrilled and privileged to be invited by you to his birthday on Saturday night. Next time you see him please convey my thanks for the warm welcome and my sadness that we could not stay until the end.

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