Tango trance

This word has been used to describe a state of mind which tango dancers experience.  If they haven’t found it, they seek it.  If they have, they want it all the time.  They talk about a feeling of floating or not knowing where they are.   Tango dancing has become an addiction or obsession to many for this reason.  It provides many with an experience or connection that they haven’t found in other activities in life.

A few years ago I was going to dance tango regularly and had the opportunity to listen to a variety of orchestras and become familiar with them.  The right combination of tanda and partner could result in a divine feeling of pleasure by surrendering to the moment. At times I was glad that my partner was there to guide me back to my table. I had my eyes closed so as not to be distracted by those around us.  I wanted to concentrate and feel what my partner felt in the music. I never felt I was in a trance.  I wanted to be present. 

Tango requires us to be in the present moment with our partner.  If we are distracted or allow our minds to wander, we aren’t present.  And our partners can feel it.  It is a discipline in a way, a different level of awareness that we can bring to tango that we don’t necessarily have in the course of busy lives.  We can develop our level of presence when we dance in an embrace. 

If we feel disconnected from life in general, tango brings a different perspective.  We can’t avoid connecting in the embrace and being present in the moment.  This isn’t a trance–it’s being in a state of awareness.  We can take that awareness to everything we do.


trance: a hypnotic state resembling sleep in which a person is unable to move or act of his or her own will.



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