Paris of South America

That’s what Buenos Aires is often called.  There was a time when French was taught in schools.  French architecture with impressive domes is prominent in the city.  Many of the cabarets during the 1930s used French names.  Porteños enjoy croissants with café for breakfast, only they call them media lunas.  The influence of Parisian life is evident in many ways in Buenos Aires.

balajo1The same is true for Paris where tango was popular in the 1920s.  Paris has its tango clubs Le Temps Du Tango and Le Bistro Latin for many years.  The tango has left it’s mark on Parisian life. 

The last time I visited Paris was 1989.  I searched for a place to go dancing in the afternoon and found La Balajo, established in 1936.   It’s where Edith Piaf won the hearts of Parisian music lovers.   The club had a variety of music played by a deejay including tango.  It was just like an afternoon milonga in Buenos Aires.  There were more women than men so some danced alone or with another woman.  La Balajo still has tango dances in the afternoon.




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