Salones de baile

The ballrooms have stages where orchestras performed for dancing.


Salón La Nacional – Asociación Nazionale Italiano – Adolfo Alsina 1463 – Montserrat


Salón Reduci – Pte. Luis Sáenz Peña 1441 – Constitución  – since 1929


Salón Sur – formerly a movie theater, now a Disco – Avenida Sáenz 459 – Nueva Pompeya



Salón Suiza – Sociedad Filantropica Suiza – Rodriguez Peña 254 – San Nicolas – founded August 6, 1893

 Blacks rented the basement and first floor for dances and called it The Shimmy Club.  It’s where candombe was danced in the 1940s-70s.



Salón Asturiano – Centro Asturiano – Solis 475 – Montserrat

Where Osvaldo Centeno did his first cabeceo.


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