Salones de baile


The Palais de Glace opened in 1910 in Recoleta as an ice-skating rink for the upper class. When interest in skating declined, an oak floor was installed to convert it into a ballroom for tango. Carlos Gardel, Francisco Canaro, and Julio de Caro performed there.  Posadas 1725.


Salón El Pial – Ramón L. Falcón 2750 – Flores

Thursday and Sunday dances in a modest neighborhood club with one of the largest floors in the city.

Salón Savoy – Savoy Hotel – Callao 181 – San Nicolas

The Savoy was originally built in 1910 and had a ballroom for dancing. Unfortunately, the recent renovations to return the hotel to its original splendor included meeting rooms instead of a ballroom.  The photos on this site give a glimpse back at what it was like a century ago in Buenos Aires.


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