Salones de baile

Salónes de baile are ballrooms of Buenos Aires where dancing was the main event.  They were established by cultural organizations that wanted a home for events.  Many of these salónes had to be closed in 2005 when new city safety regulations were established after the fire at Cromañon of December 2004.


Salón Belgrano – Av. Belgrano 3965 – Almagro


Salón Moreno – Moreno 1768 – Montserrat

Pocho Pizarro and Stella Barba held classes and a practica in Salon Moreno in 1997.



Salón Rodriguez – Club Liber Piemont – Gral. Manual A. Rodriguez 1191 – Caballito


Salón Augusteo – Societa Unione Operai Italiani – Sarmiento 1374 – San Nicolas

Established in 1858, and the building was completed in 1913.  The Teatro Colón used the salon for rehearsals this year.



Salón Akarense – Donado 1355 – Villa Ortuzar

I saw Ada Peloso dancing there in June 2001, and three months later it closed.


One Response to “Salones de baile”

  1. Simba Says:

    Thanks for posting, I went to Akarense in August 2001, had no idea it closed just after that.. Tried to find the address not long ago, and now I find this post 🙂

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