B.A. TANGO — Buenos Aires Tango


B.A. Tango — Buenos Aires Tango was the first magazine that provided information for tango dancers.  This week Tito Palumbo, its editor and publisher, celebrates 14 years.  What began in 1995 as a bi-monthly black & white format has grown to a full-color, bi-lingual magazine with international advertising that is read by tangueros around the world in digital format.

I met Tito at Galeria del Tango during my first visit in 1996, when I provided a brochure about my Tangofest in Columbus, Ohio.  I didn’t leave for Chicago without giving him money for a year’s subscription to B.A. Tango which I received at home in Illinois.

Tito attends to every detail from the writing, advertising sales, photography to interviews and distribution.  It is a daunting task to put together a publication with high standards, but Tito does it every month.

In addition to the magazine, he also compiles the Guia Trimestral B.A. Tango–Buenos Aires Tango (quarterly guide) which is the tango dancer’s reference source for anything to do with tango in Buenos Aires.  There have been 45 issues of the guide.  The 200th issue of the magazine will appear in June 2009.

Send an email to Tito at abatango@gmail.com indicating ‘subscription BAT’ in the subject line and include your name, city/country.  The next issue will arrive in your inbox to download, read and stay informed on what’s happening in Buenos Aires.


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