Clubes de barrio

club-fulgor-de-villa-crespoClub Social y Deportivo Fulgor de Villa Crespo – Loyola 828 — Villa Crespo

With so many immigrants moving into the neighborhood, there was a need for a club to get the kids off the street.  In 1933, Osvaldo Pugliese and the other founding members decided to organize the club which currently has dances on Thursday and Sunday. 




club-social-cultural-y-deportivo-bohemios-la-bocaClub Social, Cultural y Deportivo Bohemios  — Necochea 948 in La Boca

This club was founded July 9, 1938, to create a place in the neighborhood for social dancing which was so popular.  Club Bohemios still has dancing every Saturday night.


club-bristol-parque-patriciosClub Bristol — La Rioja 1869 in Parque Patricios

I went to Luis “Pirucho” Ferrari’s birthday asados every April in Club Bristol when he invited all his friends from the milonga.  Cacho and Raquel helped Pirucho and his wife prepare a feast for us.  He had hopes of organizing a milonga in the club, but it never happened.  In the 1980s the club hosted weekend dances when teachers Antonio Todaro and Mingo Pugliese were  among those in attendance.


Club Oeste - Caballito

Club Oeste
Alberdi 436

Where Miguel Angel Balbi danced Thursdays during the 1950s.


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4 Responses to “Clubes de barrio”

  1. tangobob Says:

    Hi Jan
    I am so glad you mentioned Fulgor, it is one of my favourites. The rgular dances on Thursdays and Sundays are not pure tango that is true, but everyone is there to have fun, and when I reappear after my working absences I am greeted like an old friend. Bob

  2. jantango Says:

    I understand why you like Club Fulgor. I went there on Sunday with a couple from Canada. It may be a small place, but it has a nice floor, good music and sound system, friendly atmosphere and a 10 peso entrada. I was happy to see a milonguero there who I haven’t seen anywhere in years, and we danced two tandas. It’s a nice place for couples who enjoy salsa and jazz music. They have attentive staff and gave us a free pass for Thursday night so we would return.

  3. elizabeth Says:

    This is a really nice read for those of us a little bit wistful about BA.
    I mentioned your blog in mine today. Thanks for keeping the true tango on the horizon.

  4. jantango Says:


    I know there are many who are interested in the true tango as I am. Thanks for reading my blog.

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