Roberto Angel Pujol

March 2, 1938 —

roberto-angel-pujolRoberto Angel grew up in Ciudadela, a few blocks beyond the border of the capital federal of Buenos Aires.  The family listened to tango on the radio, so he was immersed in music from an early age.  As a boy he went carnavals that had dances. As a teenager he went to Club Atletico Veléz Sarsfield in neighboring Versalles to watch for a year and learned tango on his own.  He studied auto mechanics and learned so well that the instructor put him in charge of the class.  When I met Roberto Angel seven years ago in Salon Canning, he still worked as an auto mechanic from the garage next to his family’s home in Ciudadela. 

Robert Angel never observed tango classes and claimed he didn’t know how to teach.  When a couple from Europe contacted me in 2003 about learning tango from a milonguero, I knew that Roberto Angel was the perfect teacher for them. 

roberto-angel-pujol2In a recorded interview, Roberto Angel talked about the importance of listening to the music in order to feel it when one dances.  The body has to be relaxed, and the steps come by themselves.  It’s one thing to do a step, it’s another to do it well.  A man should dance with elegance.

During the mid-1950s, he lived downtown and would go to three or four milongas every night beginning at 1:00am and dance as late as 10:00am since he didn’t  work.   Roberto Angel has probably danced in every salon, confiteria, cabaret, and club de barrio in Buenos Aires.

Roberto Angel is the only milonguero I know who dances differently to each orchestra; it’s like dancing with a different partner.  There is no one I would rather dance with than this milonguero who is married to the milongas.









Roberto at home with Peluche

I am privileged to have danced many tandas over the years with Roberto Angel Pujol.  It has been my pleasure to connect dancers with him for classes.  He is a generous teacher who conveys his love for tango to his students.  The smile on his face when he dances tells you how much he loves to dance.  I don’t even mind his off-tune humming in my ear when we dance because I know it’s coming right from his heart.



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