Clubes de barrio


sunderland-club-villa-urquizaSunderland Club – Lugones 3161 in Villa Urquiza

I have been there only once to film El Flaco Dany performing with Muma on June 24, 2001.  It’s too far for me to travel alone to dance.  Dances are held in the basketball court with the music of Mario Orlando, who uses Milonga Triste for the cortina.  It’s a social gathering of locals, foreigners and dance professionals, Saturday nights hosted by Graciela and Carlos Matera.

photo: Man Yung (2009)

photo: Man Yung (2009)

Club Social y Deportivo Glorias Argentinas – Bragado 6875 in Mataderos

There is a large salon with a family atmosphere where Oscar Hector Malagrino hosts Saturday nights.  He pays tribute to dancers and musicians every week because he knows just about everyone in tango.  Oscar Hector opened his first milonga in 1963.  Most dancers arrive early for dinner before dancing. There is a mixture of ages with traditional tango with cumbia, salsa and jazz.

My first visit to Glorias Argentinas was in July 2003, the night that milonguero Juan Topalian was being honored.  He spoke about the way dances were organized there when he was a young man.  He said there were no tables, only chairs along the wall where the girls were seated with their older sisters and friends.  All the boys stood in the middle of the room, from where they invited a girl to dance with a head gesture.  If the girls didn’t accept a boy’s invitation, he had to remain standing all night long.  Juan said that even during the hot summer months, all the young men wore suits and ties, and the girls wore a different dress each week.

club-premier-caballitoClub Premier – Campichuelo 472 in Caballito

The club has an outdoor soccer court in the rear where dances with an orchestra were held in the 1950s.  I went to Premier on December 8, 2001, when Elisa Fardella and her partner Antonio organized a special night for milongueros to recall the summer nights they danced at Club Premier.  I filmed Pedro Sanchez, Jose Luis Aceto, Roberto Alvarez, Mario Alan Candamil, Osvaldo Centeno, Juan Topalian, Ernesto Delgado, Miguel Angel Balbi, and Eduardo Naldi dancing and recalling the nights they had at Club Premier.  It’s where Ernesto Delgado met the woman he married.


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