Roberto Alvarez

February 20, 1933 —

Roberto and Mary

Roberto and Mary

Roberto is called El chueco because he is bow-legged.  He has been the M.C. at the milonga El Arranque of Juan Carlos Falce in Nuevo Salon La Argentina for many years. When I didn’t see him there a few months ago, I asked about him.  I decided to call him at home to find out how he was.  He was fine, but he wasn’t at the milonga because he was taking care of Mary.  She told me they have been together for 25 years when we spoke in October 2008.  Roberto has worked as a handyman doing general repairs and electrical work.  I danced with him years ago when I went regularly to El Arranque.  He usually shared a table with his friends Jorge Orellano and Julio Alé. 

This photograph is from the book A Los Amigos Milongueros (6th edition) by Angel Battelini published in 1998.  Angel (12/23/22 – 5/28/07) found inspiration for his poetry in the milongas and self-published them.  He gave me an autographed copy of his book in October 1998.  This is part of his poem about Roberto El Chueco and Mary (page 53):

El demuestra de salida…
que es milonguero de raza
en la milonga, se pasa
deja en el tango, la vida…
y eya, dulce, sencitiva
elegante pispireta
muestra qu para el gotán
le sobra clase y carpeta…

Julio, Victor, Roberto and Jorge in El Arranque

Julio, Victor, Roberto and Jorge in El Arranque

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One Response to “Roberto Alvarez”

  1. jantango Says:

    Thanks to Goggle, I received the following message from the daughter of Angel Battelini mentioned in this post:

    Soy la hija de Angel Battelini. El falleció el 28 de Mayo del 2007 y quiero agradecerles su recuerdo.Viviò por el tango , ni en sus peores momentos de su vida dejo de ir a bailar Tango y a estar con sus Amigos Milongueros. Tengo ganas de hacerle un Homenaje en forma de película. Estoy un poco sensible para empezar a escribir ..pero tengo mucho material para ello. Cuando comience a escribir me gustaría conectarme con ustedes.Mil Gracias !!!!

    I am the daughter of Angel Battelini. He died on May 28, 2007, and I want to thank you for your mention of him. He lived for the tango. In the worst moments of his life he left to go to dance tango and to be with his milonguero friends. I have the desire to make a tribute to him on film. I am a bit uneasy to begin to write but I have much material for the film. When I begin to write I would like to contact you. A thousand thank-yous.
    Irene Battelini

    I wasn’t aware until I received this comment that Angel died in 2007. I was wondering about him for years since I refer to his book.

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