Quien tiene tu amor

This is a tango  by Leopoldo Díaz Vélez.  I discovered it on the Todo Tango site while reading about Juan Carlos Godoy, a tango singer who recorded with Alfredo De Angelis and Ricardo Tanturi.  A friend called to tell me that Godoy (86) will be performing at La Casa del Tango on January 24.  His 1958 interpretation of Quien tiene tu amor  is so beautiful that I had to translate the lyrics.  This is an example of the poetic richness of tangos and how they mean more to us when we understand them.

Who has your love

I had received your note
where you tell me goodbye, without soul…
I ask myself how I can
continue living if you don’t love me…

Who has your love
now that I don’t have it?
Tell me who it is
and who has carried off your kisses
Where will I rule
the sweet look that I now can’t feel?
I don’t know
because I lost you without wanting it.
Today I have before my eyes
a photo where you are
smiling at me, the last alms that you gave me
Who has your love
now that I don’t have it?
Tell me whose it is
your life that yesterday was mine.

Among other things your good-byes insist
on reminding me of your distant love
I ask myself if this doesn’t exist
why do you pledge so much hurt?

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3 Responses to “Quien tiene tu amor”

  1. Fifi Says:

    Thanks for the translation, Janis.

  2. suerteloca Says:

    Isn’t it “Where will rule the sweet look” instead of “where will I rule”?

    ¿Dónde reinará
    el dulce mirar que no siento ya?

  3. jantango Says:

    Sounds good to me. Thanks for the help. Poetry isn´t easy to translate.

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