De Milongas y milonguer@s

I attended the book presentation today in La Manzana de las Luces for De milongas y milongueros (with @ in place of “o” to signify the femenine and masculine forms) where many milonga organizers were present since they participated in interviews for the milonga chapter.  Leticia Maronese is the general secretary of the Commission for the Preservation of Historic Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture for the city of Buenos Aires and author of the book.

As part of this project, they filmed interviews with people connected in various ways with tango and the milongas.   A 35-minute DVD was presented in the auditorium to an audience of 150.   It is an informative and interesting compilation of views from a cross section of people who know and love tango.

This book and DVD project began in April 2008 and was completed in seven months after preliminary research.  Plans are to have the book and DVD translated for the English-speaking audience.  The book is 120 pages of text and photographs in paperback with the first run printing of 1,000 copies in Castellano.  My favorite photo is the one of Antonio Todaro dancing with Mingo Pugliese in Club Bristol.

Copies of the book and DVD were given to everyone in attendance at the presentation.  The Milonga chapter includes Alma de Bohemio in La Boca, A Puro Tango in Salon Canning, Club Gricel, Club Pedro Echagüe, Club Sin Rumbo, El Abrazo Tango Club, El Arranque, El Beso, Glorias Argentinas, La Glorieta, La Marshall, La Milonga del Indio, la Milonga de Susana in Salon El Pial, La Viruta, Lo de Celia, Niño Bien, Parakultural, Porteño y Bailarin, Sunderland Club, Tangocool, and Viejo Correo.

The book is available for purchase in the store on the main floor of the Casa de la Cultura on Avenida de Mayo 575 in January 2009, until all copies are sold. The book costs 25 pesos.  The DVD is available for ten pesos.

Update July 2013: free download of the book is available here.


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