Ernesto Jorge De Gouvea

Irma and Jorge at Buenos Aires Tango (Milonguero) in Mundo Latino
Irma and Jorge at Buenos Aires Tango (Milonguero) in Mundo Latino (Nov 2001)

November 20, 1934 —

Jorge is a master of tiny steps. I’ll never forget my first experience dancing with him in Glamour in 1997. We were dancing milonga con traspie. I made a mistake, and Jorge asked me what happened. I was thinking what an amazing dancer he is instead of being in the moment and enjoying it.

Jorge and Irma have been dancing together for the past twelve years. They competed in the IV Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango finals (August 2006) in which they placed fifth in milonga. They are champions of milonga. No bouncing, no butt swinging, no shoulder movement whatsoever. Just pure feeling-the way Jorge has danced for decades. They are an equal partnership. I remember seeing Omar Vega one afternoon in El Arranque watching Jorge and Irma on the floor.

Jorge once told me that he danced in Club Atlético Huracán in Parque Patricios as a young man. That experience meant so much to him that he said, “I’d let someone cut off my right index finger in exchange for one day the way it used to be at Huracán.”

You’ll find Jorge and Irma in the milonga El Arranque in Nuevo Salon La Argentina. They truly become one when they dance.

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