Eduardo Naldi



November 9, 1932 — September 23, 2004

I haven’t seen Eduardo for many years since the photo of him was taken at Lo de Celia. He loved dancing to jazz as well as tango. I called the telephone number he gave me years ago and was surprised when I reached his wife Ilda Chirino at their home in Caballito. She informed me that he had passed four years ago.

Club Premier is a sports club at Campichuelo 472 in the neighborhood of Caballito where Eduardo lived. Elisa and Antonio held a one-night-only milonga on the outdoor soccer court on December 8, 2001. Eduardo was there. I remember asking him how it felt to return to the club where he danced on Saturday nights as a young man. He smiled and said it brought back lots of memories. He and many other milongueros returned to dance under the stars on an unseasonably cool night where they had danced as young men. I captured that special night on film for Elisa “La Tana.”


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