The Enforcer

(July 5, 1936– )

The dance floors in Buenos Aires milongas are becoming more dangerous everyday. Dancers are executing steps that are for stage rather than social dancing. Large floors are impossible to monitor, but there is one man who is doing something about it.

Hector Pellozo runs the Saturday milonga Cachirulo in Plaza Bohemia at Maipu 444. He wants dancers to enjoy themselves in his milonga so he does what no one has done before–he announces the dance floor rules and sees that they are enforced. He even has someone to read the rules in English and other languages so that everyone understands them.

I went to Harrods on Sunday for the milonga at the close of the Festival Buenos Aires Tango. I met Hector’s sister Esther there. As we watched the dancing, she pointed out things that her brother won’t allow in his milonga. It’s nice to know there is someone in Buenos Aires who is trying to maintain order and respect on the dance floor. Hector won’t allow anyone wearing jeans or sneakers to enter his milonga. It’s about time!

I’ve heard that Hector hands out “penalty” cards; any dancer receiving three offenses is evicted from his milonga. Plaza Bohemia seats 150 dancers, many of whom are foreigners. They are learning by experience what they should have been taught in classes. Dance floor etiquette benefits everyone.


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One Response to “The Enforcer”

  1. Evie Abat Says:

    Great name for Hector!! He jokes around with the penalty cards, but he has no problem telling people never to come back again.

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