Roberto Rafael Carreras

June 18, 1931–
He is known simply as Pocho. He and Nely met as teenagers at a neighborhood social club dancing tango. Together they made an instructional video series only a few years ago—Tango de Puro Cepa—for Solo Tango television.
Pocho danced regularly at the matinee milonga Pavadita in the former Confiteria Montecarlo at Corrientes 1218 where I first saw his smooth dancing. It wasn’t until years later that I had my first opportunity to dance milonga with Pocho in Salon El Pial. It was the night they were filming him with Nely for the video series. He was a regular at Club Bailable Juvenil at Corrientes 4534, where all the milongueros went on Saturday night until the place closed in November 2000.
Pocho has the distinction of being the first milonguero to teach classes in Chicago, my hometown. He was invited to teach master classes with Nely at the Chicago Mini Tango Festival in April 2008.

Beto, Pocho & Mario










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