Osvaldo Vicente Centeno

 June 15, 1937–

He is often referred to as “El Oso” (the nickname given to him by Laura Grinbank), but he’s as warm and gentle as a pussycat. He doesn’t talk in the milongas because he goes there to dance. He knows with whom he wants to dance each tanda, and a commanding tilt of his head gets immediate results.
During the daytime, Osvaldo drives a taxi. He is a porteno who lives in Avellaneda, the province of Buenos Aires. I regard Osvaldo as my friend. We have danced together since 2000 in Salon Canning, Club Carribean, Lo de Celia, Centro Region Leonesa, El Beso, and Club Gricel. He loves all the orchestras of the milongas, but especially Anibal Troilo and Juan D’Arienzo. He has told me he becomes completely absorbed in the music when he dances. I know the feeling. He began learning tango in Club Sol at Saraza 951 where he attended practicas. He started dancing in 1956 at Centro Asturiano on Solis and Venezuela. His favorite was Club Almagro, where he danced during its 40-year reign as the place to dance in Buenos Aires.  View his dancing on YouTube. Osvaldo and his partner were one of 38 couples in the semifinal rounds who went to the III Tango Dance World Championship for salon tango finals in August 2005 at La Rural in Buenos Aires.  His daughter Cintia and grandson Nicholas were there to see it all.

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2 Responses to “Osvaldo Vicente Centeno”

  1. Irene Says:

    Dear Janis,

    Senor Osvaldo Centeno is a fabulous dancer and extremely knowledgeable about the music, dance and culture of tango. We were lucky to have a chance to talk to him on our last trip to Buenos Aires. Please send him our regards and wish him a happy birthday for us!

    Irene and Man Yung

  2. jantango Says:

    Irene and Man Yung,

    I will certainly pass on your regards and best wishes to Osvaldo.


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